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The publishing industry cannot exist without online and offline publications, and their expansion is particularly apparent now. The growth of technology, the rise in appeal of browsing on portable devices, and particularly the pandemic crisis, which has altered peoples’ wants, are to blame for this predicament. Digital publications nevertheless require a promotion plan, even under these ideal conditions.

The objective is to continue delivering material in a way that is appealing to readers and monetising even during challenging circumstances.

Whether you publish a magazine alone or as a supplement to a print journal or magazine subscription, marketing efforts must be added if you want to make it a successful element of your monetisation plan. Having excellent material is just the start.

Ways to market your magazine

The power of social media

Even though you could not provide a digital copy of your magazine, marketing and promoting are mutually beneficial and encouraged. Almost everyone has a social media account, whether on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other of the numerous social platforms.

Given how popular and frequently checked sites are, the volume of traffic that passes through them will enable you to be recognised by many people and raise the likelihood that someone will notice the advertisement and go out to buy a copy.

Diversify the distribution

Magazine readers bought from the group of people who have collected around you because of your brand. They may be newsletter subscribers, friends and followers on social media, magazine subscriptions, podcast and blog listeners, viewers of your media interviews, or purchasers of print issues. Because of this, it’s crucial to distribute all of the above-mentioned free material in several locations.

Your website or blog is a decent alternative. These elements should provide directions on how and where to get your magazine. Make sure your website has a big “subscribe” button so people can take action. Put physical and online issues beside each other in the membership form if you concurrently publish both.

Previews and sneak-peak blurbs

The ideal technique to draw a possible audience to your magazine subscription is with content spoilers. They provide a sneak peek at what is to follow and a sample of the material you create. You don’t wish to give it all away, be wary of ending up in a situation like this. You want to offer them just enough information to pique their curiosity.

If you do, perhaps one of your readers may get engrossed in a tale they might not have otherwise noticed. This technique will entice readers to go out and purchase a hard copy of your magazine.

Prioritise promotions tactics

Consider an example — filmmakers always present a movie trailer before the release of a new film. The objective is obvious: to get people to visit theatres, pay for tickets, and see the movie.

Before publishing your magazine, develop a few unique ideas to entice readers to purchase your publication. For example,

  • Snippets of the most engaging information that haven’t been released yet and will encourage debate in response to a social media post
  • Videos or images from an interview backstage, unreleased or extra content
  • A deal offered to newsletter subscribers in exchange for joining up or a discount for netizens in return for sharing the article or post

Whether we’re talking about a blog article, a journal, or a novel, all of them require effective advertising. No matter how fantastic the material is, it won’t be enough to increase sales or readership by itself. You must assist them a little.

The topic of magazine promotion has received much discussion. The suggestions mentioned above are inspiration, advice, and direction, not a whole marketing strategy. By actively incorporating them into your advertising approach, you’ll increase the likelihood of your magazine becoming more noticeable and sought-after. You’ll also learn which actions to keep up for the most outstanding results.

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