A Brief Study on How Justified Is the Invisalign Braces Cost
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Are you planning to get the teeth straightened? If yes, then you can go for clear aligners instead of the conventional metallic Invisalign Braces. These modern Invisalign braces are the latest craze in orthodontic teeth straightening. The transparent devices offer multiple benefits but at the same time, these are more costly than their metal counterparts. Therefore, the question is very relevant – is the inflated cost of modern teeth straightening treatment really worth it?

Let us explore various facts from different angles to help make a clear and unbiased opinion. But first of all, let us brush up on our knowledge about clear transparent aligners.

What are clear transparent aligners?

These are removable and not easily noticeable alternatives to the conventional metal braces, brackets, and wires used for straightening the teeth or correcting the alignment problems of one’s teeth. Clear aligners are precisely customized to perfectly fit into your mouth. You get a consignment of these modern plastic aligners well in advance. Your duty is to replace those serially at regular intervals to help the teeth shift into the desired positions. Usually, The replacement is made every two weeks.

Depending on the quantity of alignment to be made the entire set of your aligners can last for a year or even longer. The main reason for adults to avoid the conventional metal brackets is an embarrassment. Metal brackets are wires that make it obvious that one is undergoing teeth straightening treatment and after a certain age this revelation before all and sundry seems awkward. Clear transparent aligners remain discreet inside the mouth and thus fit in as the right solution to replace those prominent metal brackets.

Benefits that clear, transparent aligners offer

Both the traditional and modern Invisalign braces give you straighter teeth. This boosts your self-confidence to an amazing level. Overall, it makes you feel better about yourself. On the other hand, straighter teeth make your mouth healthier too. In other words, your oral health improves at the time.
When the teeth are better aligned. They are easier to clean. Thus, your mouth harbors fewer harmful bacteria that create cavities and gum disease. Moreover, as the teeth are no more overlapping one another, the gums can provide better support to the teeth than before. When the teeth fit together correctly you have lesser chances of suffering a chipped tooth. Even the chances of a tooth partly broken away or wearing away of the teeth are much less. Aligners – both conventional and modern – can relieve the jaws from severe and harmful stress exerted by misaligned teeth.

Benefits of clear transparent aligners over conventional metal braces

Aesthetic factor – as already mentioned above, many people, especially after a certain age, consider the presence of metal in their mouth diminishes their appearance and aesthetic appeal. As a result, they feel embarrassed. On the other hand, clear plastic aligners never stick out from the mouth. They rather remain discreetly hidden inside the mouth and are practically impossible to detect. Thus, it is obvious that the number of adult orthodontic patients with discreet transparent aligners is increasing exponentially.

Easily removable

the discreet clear aligners are easily removable. You can remove them any time and can wear them back on your own. This facility allows you to eat or drink just anything you want while undergoing the treatment. Unlike the fixed braces teeth straightening treatment with clear transparent aligners does not impose and dietary restrictions. Moreover, the flexibility also allows you to maintain better oral hygiene through the usual brushing and flossing of the teeth.

Fewer visits to your orthodontist

fixed metal braces require you to visit your orthodontist once every six weeks to get the wires tightened.

That sums up a lot of appointments, a lot of time, and a lot of money. Modern Invisalign braces require you a much lesser number of visits which in turn saves both your time and money.

Practically no repairs are needed

it is unavoidable that a metal bracket or wire gets loose at one point in time or the other. That means you have to book yet another appointment with the orthodontist. With discreet braces, if there is any damage you simply switch over to the next aligner in the set.

Easier brushing and flossing

With fixed metal braces it is very difficult to clean the teeth properly. Brushing and flossing become difficult and as a result, trapped food debris between the teeth and plaque build-up in the mouth are common. Alternatively, you just remove the clear transparent aligners to brush and floss the teeth normally. Maintaining sound oral hygiene is crucial during this period for successful termination of treatment.

Cost factor:

clear aligners versus conventional metal braces

Clear aligners cost a little more than metal brackets. But it is practically impossible to quote the exact price for any patient without a thorough diagnosis. Only a thorough diagnosis reveals the unique needs of your teeth. Both treatment time and cost are calculated only after knowing the particular needs of your teeth. The best way out is to discuss the matter with your family dentist or orthodontist. They are the best people to guide you on the matter.

In a rough estimate, the treatment with conventional braces will cost you anywhere between £500 and £1,500 more than that with traditional braces. The cost is directly proportional to the amount of alignment your teeth require. How long does the treatment last. How many aligners are required in your set? The same is also true for the treatment using conventional metal braces.

Thankfully the majority of dental insurance plans cover clear aligners. Even conventional braces are also covered in most of the plans. But to be on the safer side do confirm this with your insurance provider before going for the treatment. Considering the Invisalign braces cost in the UK, it makes no sense to bear the expenses from one’s own pocket. It is also better to consult your dentist or orthodontist before deciding on the treatment option. Remember most orthodontic practices offer easy monthly payment plans to these patients. Do not shy away from asking whether such benefits exist at your chosen practice.

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