February 4, 2023
Ielts study
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Nowadays most of the students aspire to clear the IELTS exam and achieve 8 plus bands in their exam. For most of the students, the writing part in the IELTS test can be the most stressful and rigorous part to clear. We understand that this is one of the most prominent factors which often make you feel stressed out and give you anxiety. But to solve all this we are here with a brand new article that can provide you with every possible information to clear the writing task in a limited time. 

Check out the below-given tips to clear the IELTS writing task with flying colors:

Read this article with full concentration and gather all the information to achieve 8 plus bands in the upcoming IELTS exam.

Prepare an outline

Before commencing the writing part you should always make sure to prepare a perfect outline in which you will cover every major and minor aspect of the topic. It is often noticed that students sometimes argue with the fact of making an outline. They always say that IELTS is a timed test, they shouldn’t be spending any time on making an outline. This is simply not true! Making an outline will surely save your time and keep your focus as you write. An outline will surely help you organize your apprising ideas into a structured format. So draft the outline because it will not deviate you from the topic. It will help you present all the required information in a brief manner. If you think that you require some help for achieving 8 plus bands in IELTS then try connecting with the Best IELTS coaching in Jalandhar.

Ask yourself questions

One of the splendid ways to score well in this particular section is to ask questions. At the time of reading a passage, you are required to ask questions such as why, what, where, how to generate more and more ideas. When you ask questions to yourself at that point of time you will be able to create more logic and thereby create more ideas. For clearing the section with remarkable results you can link with the Best IELTS institute in Ludhiana.

Proper time management

Since IELTS is always considered as a time-bounded test, it is quite important for all the students to manage the time in such a way that they can score good marks. It is highly important to complete the entire writing task on time within 40 minutes so you must develop proper time management skills before you enter the hall of the IELTS exam. We understand the fact that time management is not a one-day task so in a similar manner you need to solve more and more mock test series to work on your time management skills. Time is one of the crucial factors and if you manage it properly it will become one of the strongest parts of yours. Follow proper time management to experience a great hike of bands in your upcoming IELTS exam. 

Form paragraph

Many candidates do not have a habit of writing paragraphs and this somehow becomes the main reason why they lose marks in the IELTS examination. Crafting paragraphs will help you describe the entire topic clearly without leaving any aspect. Always try to break down your ideas into different paragraphs. Try to explain each and every idea in detail by framing two or three paragraphs. However, always try to remember that your one paragraph should be interlinked with the other one. Deviating from a topic can become one of the major reasons that can make you lose marks so by forming paragraphs you will stay focused and do not put any unwanted information in the answer. For enlightening your knowledge about this particular point you can also consider taking help from the Best IELTS classes in Jalandhar.

Proofread your written answer

It becomes your utmost duty to proofread what you have written in your IELTS exam test paper. It is often noticed that most of the students make spelling and grammar mistakes. By proofreading the written answer again will help you eliminate the mistake and make the content error-free. Obviously, this is not the time to decide that your argument is not effective or your paragraph requires more clarification. Proofreading is basically done to check the grammar and fluency of the paragraph. We would highly recommend you not to add a few lines when you are proofreading as this will consume all your time. Instead, follow the simple technique of checking the grammar and fluency of the answer. If you truly require assistance from a reliable source then you can consider connecting with the Best IELTS institute in Ludhiana.


Briefly read all the above-mentioned tips as this can surely help you to grab all the major and minor points hidden in the IELTS exam. Your aim should not be just clearing the writing test but to achieve 8+ bands in the upcoming IELTS exam. Strengthen your basics to emerge out as a warrior. 

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