February 5, 2023
how to make money online without investment
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There’s no doubt that online earnings are the most researched topic worldwide. 

If you look at job websites you’ll see almost tons of remote jobs available but the thing is, do all of them are authentic? If not, then how to find a real online job without investment in 2022. 

Well, maybe those online job offers seem tempting because they tell you that you’ll earn money overnight or maybe you want some quick and easy way to earn money but the truth is that there’s 99.9% chances that none of them are real job offers. The job you see online whether it’s on Google ads or YouTube or whatever the platforms, it doesn’t matter because those jobs are totally fake.

This is just one face of online jobs posting. The other side of  this scam is that they’ll ask you to pay money upfront as registration fees only after they’ll give you 35000 per month for data entry work. 

Beware!  Authentic online jobs never ask for money. 

In case you’re wondering how to spot online scams don’t worry because in this post I’m gonna tell you how to spot online job scams? 

Bonus tips for you to spot online scams instantly :-

Well, there are some red flags you can look for if you think that you’re going to trap in the scam. 

  1. They’ll ask you to pay money upfront as a registration or joining fees.
  1. They don’t have a registered company.  
  1. They offer so many perks for doing only 2 hours of data entry or whatsoever.

Let’s get down to the basics shall we? 

You can earn money online in two ways, short term and long term. 

You can earn money online through short term ways like paid surveys, captcha solving, referral and playing games. However, long term methods include –  freelancing, blogging, digital marketing, online teaching, YouTube etc. 

Other ways of earning like Best Paytm cash earning games also exist.

So, If you’re looking for practical and more realistic ways to earn money online without investment in 2021 then your search ends here, because we’ve discovered genuine ways to earn money online and the best thing about these top 5 earning options in 2021 is that it requires no investment. 

On top of that I’m also gonna tell you how you’ll build your online business without investment. So be ready to discover your inner potential. 

These top 5 ways work for everyone no matter if you’re a beginner or haven’t even started yet. 

However, If you just read this post and don’t even try you’ll earn no money at all. You must take action in order to start earning money online without investment. 

So, Let’s get started :-

Freelancing :

The most realistic ways to earn money online without investment in 2022 is freelancing. yes you can even earn 6 figure income if you consistently work on upgrading your skills as per client needs meanwhile it will help you in developing experience.

That’s why I want you to shift yourself a little bit away from quick earning temptation and focus on learning some high income skills in 2022. 

 Let me explain exactly how it works ;

You want to earn money or maybe you want to start your business but right now you don’t have any money to invest and I know you probably have more time than money.

That’s why I recommend you to spend your valuable time on learning some new high income skills or upgrade your existing skills if you have any. 

Eventually it will help you in generating even 6 digit income. Don’t get shocked, it’s possible but you might be thinking how’s it possible? Will I be able to do that? 

Yes this can be you but all you have to do is to spend your time on learning skills and offer your service to clients. 

What’s more? 

You can later build your agency, or write an eBook, also you can teach those skills to others on YouTube or any other platform there’s a lot more you can do for example – you can create paid online courses, or you can teach how to tutorial, the list goes on and on. 

This is how you can build your business without investment in 2022 and create your source of passive income effortlessly. 

Earn money as Consultant :

To become a consultant first of all you need to choose your niche which will help you in establishing your business as a brand.

So what skills are required to become a consultant ? 

 You need to have critical and analytical thinking skills. 

Also as a consultant you need to have a good problem solving ability and an ability to analyze the situation and give relevant and useful advice to your clients. 

In India small consulting services fees range from 12,52,627 annually. 

It’s a great non investment earning option to start your career as a consultant. 

Become Social Media Manager

As a social media manager your role is to create content and marketing strategies for business social profiles and for this you need to analyze businesses brands voice and mission only then you’ll be able to create content and marketing strategy to attract interested buyers.

So what’s your responsibility as a social media manager? 

Some of your tasks as a social media manager include :-

Scheduling posts and interacting with followers and creating content  strategy and making plans for it’s marketing. 

Start Blogging :

Blogging is a lot easier option for you if you’re passionate about anything and the best thing about blogging is that you can earn enough money easily.

However, if you’re a beginner you probably don’t know how to create a blog and which niches to choose,

 Well, don’t worry you can create your own blog in just 3 easy steps ;

  • Choose your niche 
  • Buy domain name and hosting plan
  • Decide CMS platforms like WordPress or blogger. I’d suggest you go for WordPress because it’s good for beginners. 
  • Choose your theme and customize it. 

How to choose your niche? 

Blogging begins with a niche so choose a profitable niche which has higher audience interest.

For instance –  something you love to do like traveling blog, photography, how to guide, and the list goes on and on. 

Offer SEO services

To start selling SEO services first you need to learn necessary basic knowledge. For example – what is SEO, how it works,tricks and techniques for better seo. 

Get yourself familiar with seo terms like on page, off page, meta description, permalink, do follow no follow link etc. 

Make sure you clearly understand technical seo terms. Also learn tricks to optimize your web page to rank higher on search results . 

If you know the basics and learn some tricks about how SEO works then you’re all set to start selling your services to clients and earn money. 


You can’t earn money overnight, there’s no way out. 

Even if you think that those online earning ads are authentic, think again, do they have a ginnie, who will make you rich overnight or just in the blink of an eye? 

Look, If it’s possible then why is everyone working hard to earn money? Why wouldn’t they just start solving captcha? 

Because they know they can’t afford wasting their valuable time. 

That’s why, I recommend you to get your hands on any of these best high income skills in 2021 and start earning money online.

If you’re a Article Discuss reader you already know we don’t post stuff that we find cool, we post what’s relevant as well as helpful for you guys in many ways. 

So stay tuned for more updates and keep exploring ways to earn money online.

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