November 25, 2022
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When entering the ever-expanding Unnamed Universe, also called Geigerverse, created by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, you take a deep dive into a character-driven world. Ostensibly set in Nevada in the 21st century at its outset, the story spans the years 1776 to 2050 – so far.

The duo who wrote and drew the first seven Geiger stories, consisting of Volume One, issues one through six, and a giant issue of issue one, planned a far-reaching story from the beginning, which they frequently allude to in interviews.

In 2021, a timeline shared in the last issue of Geiger that also includes a “Junkyard Joe” preview, alludes to many characters who may eventually receive their own spinoff. These include The First Ghost, a character that receives mention but in the stories may only use a passing reference as a ghost.

This leaves fans to speculate on the reference, which probably refers to a character from the Goldbeard story in the giant issue or the Redcoat character, Simon Pure, a British infantry soldier who becomes immortal during a battle on December 25, 1776.

Of course, even if you purchased the seven-volume set, you won’t know for certain because the duo who created the characters use generic names for them while developing the storylines. You can find references to “The Ghost” in Geiger issue six, mentioned in reference to The Unseen War, which takes place during 2025.

The story of The First Ghost could appear in later volumes of Geiger. In interviews, the creators of that character speak as if they have yet to finish with that character. This could occur through a prequel method or storytelling as used as a vehicle in the comics. It could also stem from the many books Geiger reads while in the library of his home in Boulder City, which didn’t get destroyed.

While the name most likely references a character in the earliest of the timelines, in the 1700s or 1800s, it could also occur in the 21st-century timeline, taking place from 2030 to 2050. The latter forms the most likely possibility, since that’s where the character Geiger begins.

With respect to the generic names that the comic’s creators use during their working periods, Geiger himself goes by multiple names, including Tariq (his original first name), his last name of Geiger, The Glowing Man, The Monster, The Beast, Joe Glow, and Meltdown Man. This adds to the complexity of attempting to match the information gleaned in the comic books’ creators’ interviews with the storyline, which continues to develop in the spinoffs “The Redcoat” and “Junkyard Joe.”

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