February 3, 2023
How to eliminate mice from Home
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If there are rats in the house, the sooner the rats are eliminated, the better. Rats not only steal food, spread diseases, but also destroy furniture. Therefore, if there are rats in the house, they must be eliminated as soon as possible.

How to eliminate mice is not a simple matter. The main reason is that the mice are too cunning. Here are three parts to determine the root cause of the mouse problem, catching mice, and preventing mice to introduce how to eliminate mice.

Step 1: Identify the root cause of the rat problem

1、Pay attention to the movement of the mouse.

Rats are smart animals, and they are not easy to be spotted during the day when people are everywhere. You may notice that the corners of your eyes move slightly, without even realizing that you are noticing a mouse. The next time you see this situation, please make it a target that you should investigate further.

2、Pay attention to the rustling sound.

When the house or apartment is quiet, it is easier to listen to mice at night. You may hear a slight tapping or rustling sound, which sounds like it is coming from a wall. If you hear the sound of mice running along the wall, it means that there are multiple rustling sounds in your house. If you hear a squeak, there may be a rat den in your home.

3、Pay attention to whether there are mouse feces in the house

Rat feces are small, dark, and seed-like. The new manure is wet and black, while the old manure will dry to a light gray. Please pay attention to which room you see the feces. The feces in the room should indicate that the things in the room are attractive to mice. The presence of feces can also indicate that there are cracks or holes in the room that rats can enter.

4、 Determine the whereabouts of the mouse.

If you can determine the path where rats often appear, you will be able to track them more easily. In order to catch rats later. Rats often appear in the same path again and again. You are usually unlikely to see where the old ran from because they are very fast. , So you can only see it when the mouse stops.

5、Looking for mouse dens

If you can see where they are in vain, look for them along the route they might have traveled. You may find that you see some feces nearby. Mouse dens are usually in the corners of cupboards or closets. Check out remote places that are not often disturbed. The mice chew on cardboard boxes and clothing, which are used as materials for the nest. Look for the small hole in the pile of clothes at the back of your closet. A musty smell may also indicate the presence of rat dens.

Step 2: Catching the mouse

1. Sticky mouse stickers to eliminate mice

Don’t buy sticky mouse stickers that are cheap, buy more expensive ones that are very sticky. Put a little food on them to lure them. Once sticky mouse stickers are applied, they will face endless struggles, and finally exhaust all their energy, leading to death.

2. Mousetrap

This is also very effective. You can’t escape when you clamp them. It’s best to put a little food on the clamp.

3. Ultrasonic derivatization

Nowadays, there are many places selling ultrasonic sound generators on the Internet. If you buy one and put it at home, rats are most afraid of this kind of buzzing.

The third step is to prevent the reappearance of rats

1. Keep your home tidy and clean

Rats usually run into the house because of the temptation of food. If there is no trash in your house, pay attention to clean it up every day. Put the food you want to eat in the container and the rats will not come. This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of the rats.

2、 Throw away all the extra things at home, especially old clothes and quilts

Many people suffer from “hamster disease” and like to hoard things at home. In fact, things like mice like people like this, especially those old boxes that haven’t been moved for 800 years. Mice like to make nests inside. If there are clothes in the box, it is simply the “presidential suite” in the eyes of a mouse

3. Put away all the food at home

Some children’s snacks are put in a tin box, and all the food is put in the refrigerator after eating, and overnight vegetables can be thrown away as soon as possible, so as not to give mice a chance. If you eat less, rats will not go extinct, but the number will definitely decrease.

4、 Plug all the extra holes in the house to Eliminate mice

Make sure that the gap under the door does not provide a convenient entrance for rats. You can buy materials to seal the gaps. Keep the windows closed. Seal any cracks or holes you find in the walls, especially the exterior walls. Steel wool is a cheap material that you can fill in the gaps to deter mice.

5、Use smell to repel rats to Eliminate mice

Mint flavor

Rats don’t like the smell of mint, but if you buy some mint leaves and place them in rat-infested areas, you can definitely prevent them from coming.

Cat hair

Many people are allergic to cat fur, and mice are no exception. If your friend likes to raise a cat, you can ask her for a little cat fur to go home, and just leave it in a place where mice often come out.

Camphor ball

We all know that camphor balls have a great smell. They are usually placed in the closet. They are often used by grandma and mothers. In fact, the main reason for putting camphor balls is to prevent mice and other insects from biting clothes. So I found that there was a rat mark in a place in the house and put a camphor ball to deter them.

Bay leaves

Laurel leaves are used the same way as mint leaves. Mice don’t like the taste of laurel leaves. The best way is to mash them and place them in places where mice often appear.


Peppers have a pungent smell. Sometimes we can feel them when we cook. All animals are afraid of peppers. Sprinkling chili powder in rat-infested places can prevent them from coming home because the peppers will hurt them. eye. If you want to be a little bit fierce, put millet spicy.

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