February 4, 2023
government exam
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We are living in an interruption based culture that erodes our efficiency to perform better. It’s a bit hard to maintain focus while feeling regularly distracted. However, if you have set your aim high, then it’s crucial to get rid of distractions. We often feel distracted while working or studying for the exam. It is essential to eschew distraction, if you are aiming to crack any government exam. Clearing the exam is the only way to grab an esteemable government job. In India, youngsters have a never ending craze for government jobs. Do you know what’s the reason behind it? Hefty salaries and luxurious amenities enchants the mind of youngsters and induce them to appear for government exams. 

Every graduate in India aims to secure a designated job position. Some of them achieve their aim by cracking the SSC CGL exam. Apart from SSC CGL exam, candidates appear for bank exams, civil services exam, defence exams etc. Preparing for these exams would require you to study with utmost concentration. More often than not, many candidates lose focus due to distractions. 

Abide by following tips to fight distractions while preparing for the government exams:

It’s highly important to eradicate every distraction you face while preparing for the exam. To help you on this, we have listed every important thing that can guide you on how to run away from distractions. 

Find a disturbance free area to study

The place where you choose to study matters a lot. Make sure that area should be disturbance free. Also, find a study spot that has good ventilation and away from nuisance. It can keep you active and focused while preparing for the exam. Additionally, keep your study area free from electronic gadgets and keep it neat and tidy. 

In case you are unable to find a disturbance free area in your home, you can take membership of a library as well. Library is a perfect place where you’ll feel least distracted. Moreover, watching others study can encourage you to put in extra effort to study for the exam. So, you can also take membership in a library to prepare for your exams. 

Make a systematic routine

When you schedule your every activity it is easy to complete every task.  Before you start studying for the exam, make a list of activities to be completed in a day. Cut off every activity that will not contribute to exam preparation. Make exam preparation your priority and prepare a timetable according to that. However, making a timetable is not enough, you need to follow it regularly. Therefore, following a systematic routine can help you in completing the syllabus on time. 

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Assign yourself short break

A majority of candidates believe that studying for long hours can help them score high marks. Nevertheless, studying for long hours can make you feel tired and bored. To keep your preparation phase easy, make sure you study for a regular 45 minutes followed by a 15 minute break. You can use your short break for listening to music, having a nap or talking to someone. This will help in refreshing your mind for better preparation. So, give yourself enough breaks to study well for the exams. 

Limit the use of mobile phones

The biggest source of distraction for candidates is their mobile phones. Limiting the use of your phones can keep you away from distractions. So, when you sit to study for the exam, keep your phone silent. This way you’ll be able to keep one point focuse on studying for the subject. Furthermore, you can tell your family and friends not to call you during your study hours. Doing this can work wonders for you and you’ll feel less distracted while preparing for the exam.

Choose the most productive hours to study

Some students feel productive during the early morning hours to prepare for the exam. Whereas, others can study better during late night. So, you need to determine which is the best time for yourself. Studying during your productive hours can make you feel less distracted. Moreover, it can help you retain the concepts easily and for a long period of time. 

Try to study in group

Some candidates can study better alone, while others prefer group study. Firstly, get to know which can be most effective for you. If you choose to study in a group, chances are you’ll feel less distracted. Note that you need to pick study partners who are as focused as you. You’ll be able to find the best study techniques by studying in a group. Additionally, you will feel more engaged with the exam preparation. Therefore, chances are you’ll never get distracted while studying for the exam. 

Never sacrifice your sleep

Many candidates sacrifice their sleep in the haste to prepare well for the exam. Many scientific surveys reveal that getting a sound sleep of at least seven hours can help you perform better. Without a doubt, a restless mind can be distracted easily. Relishing a proper sleep can rewire your brain for better functioning. Additionally, a sound sleep can assure you good health. Thus, having a good sleep can make you feel less distracted. 

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Securing a government job is as hard as climbing a mountain. You need to put in best efforts with utmost dedication. Most of the candidates stumble due to distractions only. So, it is essential to work on it. If it’s hard for you to refrain from distraction, go through the points written above. Following these tips can aid in fighting distractions. Furthermore, it will help in enhancing your productivity to prepare for the exam. So, follow these points staunchly and secure your dream job.

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