February 5, 2023
Jesse Stone Movies in Order
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Robert B Parker’s imagination gave birth to Jesse Stone, the leading character of the detective novels. Released from 2005 to 2015, the series of detective novels consists of nine parts. Authored from 1997 to 2010, these are the last works of the novelist, before he died in January 2010. He did not see them aired as TV movies. CBS television network aired the first eight parts while the Hallmark Channel released the last part.

How story starts of Jesse Stone Movies in Order?

The series starts when the character is of 35 years but due to a shoulder injury, he couldn’t continue baseball. He had to resign as the detective of LAPD Homicide Division due to drinking habit. He was hired as Police Chief ,Paradise, because the president, board of selectmen, thought that he is easier to control.

As Stone took his position, he noticed that the city is facing higher crime rate. He start solving them and in the first place arrested the council president. The series progresses as Jesse Stone solves cases as chief of the Police Department of Paradise. Let us explore more about Jesse Stone chronological order. 

Jesse Stone Movies in chronological Order

Stone Cold ( February 2005)

Robert Harmon directed Stone Cold and features Tom Selleck, Jane Adams and Reg Rogers in the lead roles. The movie revolves around a police officer of the New England town who tries to investigate a series of murders. The first part released in 2005 was Stone Cold but it is second in the Jesse Stone chronological order. 

Jesse Stone: Night Passage (January 2006)

The first release of the series and the prequel to Stone Cold is Night Passage, it is first in the Jesse Stone movies order. The movie is based on the first novel of Robert B Parker and is set in Paradise, Massachusetts. The storyline revolves around a former detective who got hired as the chief of Police, New England town. He is now indulged in solving a mystery series.

Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise (April 2006)

Sea change, released in May 2007 is the fourth part of the detective novel series. Kathy Baker is a new addition to the star cast of the movie. Jesse Stone investigates the murder of a banker shot dead during robbery. He also investigates a rape case that leads him into a conflict with the council of the town. Tom Selleck, for his acting in the movie, received a nomination in Emmy Awards.

Jesse Stone: Thin Ice (March 2009)

Next in the chronological order of Jesse Stone movies is the Thin Ice. The storyline is such that the mother of a dead child receives a letter informing that the child is with kidnappers and police officer investigates it. Cinematography got appreciation and received the American Society for Cinematographers Award and the Canadian Society of Cinematographers Award. 

Jesse Stone: No Remorse (May 2010)

No remorse is sixth on the list of Jesse Stone movies in order. Featuring Tom Selleck, Kathy Baker and Kohl Sudduth, the movie tries to unfold the series of murders done in Boston for a colleague in the police and finds shreds of evidence that leads him to the mob boss. The movie got a nomination for the American Society of Cinematographers Award. 

Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (May 2011) 

Innocents Lost is the seventh part of the Jesse Stone movie series. Dick Lowry directed Innocents Lost and features Tom Selleck, Kohl Sudduth and Kathy Baker. The movie revolves around a retired police chief of New England, who investigates the death of his young friend while on the other hand police force had to deal with the new chief who is arrogant and is the son-in-law of a councilman of the town.

Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt (May 2012)

The eighth and second last of the Jesse Stone movie series is Benefit of the Doubt. Robert Harmon directed the Benefit of the Doubt and featured the same star cast. The retired police personnel had to take his retirement back and solve the cases since the new chief exploded in the car. CBS television network aired this part of the short films in May 2012. It holds the record of highest viewership on its release night.

Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise (October 2015)

Lost in Paradise is the last of Jesse Stone movies in order. Directed by Robert Harmon, it features Tom Selleck, William Devane, Luke Perry and Mackenzie Foy. Based in the fictional town Paradise, the movie revolves around the police chief who investigates the murder of the fourth victim of a serial killer. Hallmark Channel aired this part in 2005.

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