February 4, 2023
Manny Montana Movies and TV Shows
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The American actor Manny Montana was born in 1983 in Long Beach, California. The actor graduated from Jordan High School, also got a football scholarship at California State University, Sacramento. He had to quit football after his shoulder was dislocated for the eighth time in a row. Later, he took a transfer to major in Journalism and broadcasting at California State University. He is a Mexican American of the first generation. Came into acting in 2006 with student films. He became well known from the TV show Graceland in which he played the role of Johnny Turturro. Later he was seen in several movies and TV shows, he was also featured in a video game named L A Noire. Some of the best Manny Montana Movies and TV shows are listed here that you can enjoy watching anytime. 

Graceland (2013-2015, TV Show)

Graceland is an American TV series created by Jeff Eastin and released on 6 June 2013. The TV series was released in 3 seasons and 38 episodes. It was premiered in June 2013 on USA Network. In the movie, Manny Montana is in the role of Agent Johnny Turturro. 

The movie revolves around a group of undercover agents who live in a house called Graceland in Southern California. A former FBI agent named Mike Warren is assigned to train the new undercover agents. 

Good Girls (2018-2021, TV Show)

The crime and comedy-drama, Good Girls, is created by Jenna Bans. It was released in four seasons and fifty episodes from 2018 to 2021. The TV series was nominated in the Satellite Awards in the Best Actress in the Comedy or Musical Series category. 

The storyline is based around the life of three Michigan Moms who are struggling hard to meet their ends. They plan to rob a supermarket and are also successful in executing their plan. But now they are caught in debts and familial crisis. 

Power (2014- 2020, TV Series)

Power TV series is a crime drama aired from 2014 to 2020 on the Starz network. Courtney A Kemp produced the show in collaboration with Curtis Jackson. Released in 6 seasons and 63 episodes, the show got positive reviews from critics and the audience. 

The story revolves around a ruthless drug dealer, James Patrick, who has the alias of Ghosts. He wants to pursue legitimate business and leave the crime world. He is trying to manage economic alliances and crumbling marriage together.

Undrafted (2016, Movie)

The sports comedy movie, Undrafted was released in the year 2016. Joseph Mozello is the debut director, he is a co-writer of the movie and also an actor in the movie. The movie features Tyler Hoechlin, Aaron Tveit, Philip Winchester and Chace Crawford.  The movie did not get good reviews from the critics. 

A baseball team named DB is in the semifinals of the summer league. They have to play really hard to win the league because the opposing team is strong. A player names Maz plays perfectly and becomes the hero of the match, even though he was not drafted in the team initially.

Lucifer (2016-2021, TV Show)

Tom Kapinos created this fantasy TV series which was premiered from January 2016 to September 2021. It is based on the comic book series The Sandman and includes the DC comic characters like Sam Keith, Neil Gaiman and Mike Dringenberg. 

The story revolves around Lucifer Morningstar who is a devil in the DC Universe. He runs a nightclub in Los Angeles and becomes a consultant of the Police Department of Los Angeles. The first two seasons were shot in Vancouver but were later shifted to Los Angeles.

Grimm (2013-2017, TV Show)

Grimm is a police procedural TV series made by Stephen Carpenter, David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf. Aired between 2013 and 2017, the show has six seasons and 123 episodes. It features David Guintoli, Russell Hornsby, Jacqueline Toboni and others in the led roles. In the movie, a homicide detective fights the supernatural forces after discovering that he is a descendant of the hunters.

The Mule (2018, Movie)

The Mule released in 2018 is a crime-based movie directed by Clint Eastwood. The movie collected approximately 174 million dollars worldwide. The movie cast includes director Eastwood, Bradley Cooper, Micheal Pena, Andy Gracia, Dianne Weist and Laurence Fishburne. 

In the movie, Earl is estranged from his daughter and also got divorced from his wife. However, at the age of 80, he gets involved in a drug cartel. He lands in jail because of this after he accepts his imprisonment. His family extends him support in the jail and there he returns to horticulture. 

Blackhat (2015, Movie)

Blackhat is an action thriller directed by Micheal Mann. The movie released in 2015 stars Chris Hemsworth, Viola Davis, Wang Leehom, Tang Wei and Holt McCallany, etc. Movie got mixed reviews from the critics, however, it failed at the box office and got only 19.7 million dollars. The movie revolves around the hacking of a nuclear plant and catching the hacker. 

NCIS: LA (2009-2021, TV Show)

NCIS: LA is an action-based TV series released in 2015. The movie is created by Shane Brennan. It was released in 13 episodes and 286 episodes from 2009 to 2021. The series revolves around the Office of Special Projects that specialize in solving undercover assignments. The CBS TV network aired this series. The series won Teen Choice Awards and Golden Globe Awards in various categories.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles ( 2009, TV Show)

TSCC is a science fiction TV series airing by the Fox network. Released in 2009, it has 2 seasons and 31 episodes. It featured Lina Headey, Thomas Dekker, Summer Glau, Shirley Manson, Leven Rambin, Richard Jones, Brain Austin Green, Garette Dillahunt and Stephenie Jecobson. 

In the movie, Sarah, John and Terminator are being pursued by a terminator named Cromartie. He is sent back in time to assassinate John and FBI agent James Ellison. Sarah is in a relationship with Charley Dixon, however, she calls it off. 

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