Steps on How to Create an arresting Logo for Your Business



There are millions of logos in the world, so creating a unique symbol that represents your company is a challenge. However, considering how important this element is to help your business be recognized and remembered, it is really worth the effort to create a unique logo.

Now the questions are: How to create a logo?  What are the characteristics of successful logos? How often should you update your company logo?

This article tries to give answers to the most common questions about business logo construction.

Why do you need a logo for your business?

A corporate sign is a small image that symbolizes a business and works to attract customers. But using a logo on a site without other branding elements is like selling a product without packaging. The emblem should work together with the rest of the identity tools: brand name, colors, fonts, slogan, and graphics that form style. Further, this post will tell you why you need to use corporate identity on your website.

To be remembered.

Researchers have found that users’ eye path scanning content resembles the letter “F.” The main focus is on the top horizontal part, which is the page header. If done corporate style with the use of the logo, customers will quickly understand who you are, what you offer and will remember the brand.

To stand out from the competition.

Branding elements reflect the personality of the company and tell customers how it differs from its competitors. Make sure your identity stands out from other companies in your niche.

To build loyalty.

A well-thought-out corporate identity creates a positive brand image and emotionally links customers to you. People will recognize and trust your brand by seeing your logo elsewhere, advertising on social media, or souvenir products, and people will recognize and trust your brand.

How to always be in fashion?

Like any industry has its own trends. Do you need to follow them? Let’s talk about the trends of the last few years and create a logo for a site that will remain relevant regardless of fashion trends.

Five main trends in logo design:

1. Simplification of fonts.

The easier the message is read, the faster it is perceived. This principle is guided by global brands, massively abandoning serif fonts. In recent years, Google, Verizon, Calvin Klein, and Century 21 have become closer to users.

2. The overlay effect.

The bright colors that overlap symbolize the union of several messages. For example, the three colors that intersect in the logo of the social network Tik Tok signify the synthesis of video, music, and users.

3. Focus on the details.

Designers distinguish the logo by asymmetry, typographic experiments, replacement of letters, non-standard combinations, or a small bright spot as if they had been drawn with a marker on the image.

4. The gradient.

Instagram has set the trend for this effect. The main thing to remember is that the modern gradient should be smooth, giving the impression of a single color. Use the Adobe Color service to match tones harmoniously.

5. New geometry.

The geometry framework expands: not only are standard shapes used in modern logos. Designers can divide a circle into four parts and combine them or combine several elements.

The smart balance between chasing trends and the need to update the logo

Even giants like Facebook, Pepsi, and Uber sometimes change their logos. How to understand that it is time for you to redesign too? It’s time to rebrand if:

It is too complicated.

Does the logo have detailed images and complex fonts? Try to simplify them: abandon serifs, convey meanings with the help of simple geometry.

It looks bad on different devices.

Did you create your logo when most of your customers used only computers but not mobile phones? Check how the logo looks on mobile device screens, social media profile pictures. If it can be used as a mobile app icon. If it is misread or doesn’t look cool and modern enough, redesign it.

It does not cover the essence of the business.

Any business can change the field of activity or the target audience. This is a good reason to change the logo and convey new meanings. For example, Netflix changed its image when creating its own shows and not just streaming other people’s content.

How to make a logo that does not need to be constantly updated?

Don’t follow trends, because they change every year. The secret to success is creating a classic foundation that is not tied to fleeting trends. A good logo does not lose relevance in a year, but it is adaptable and has the potential for small changes.

Ways to keep a logo relevant

Have you created a logo and want it to remain relevant? Don’t change the logo radically – modernize the elements, leaving the base the same. Here are three ways to keep your logo in good shape.

The easiest way to create a logo is to use a logo maker. You can edit the brand name at any time. The service is convenient due to the option to edit the image an unlimited number of times. Besides, DesignEvo supports SVG files, so your logo will not history the quality when enlarging or shrinking in different platforms.

The designer.

If you use the services of a professional, be sure to ask for a vector file with the logo so that you can scale and edit it when necessary.

On your own.

Do you work with graphic editors? Don’t forget to save the vector file with the logo so that you can adjust it in the future if necessary.


There is no need to update the logo to be always on trend constantly. Create a high-quality foundation considering classic trends, which look good in color and black and white, distinguishing itself from the profile picture in social networks and the website’s header. You should be able to adjust such logos if necessary easily. See how well-known brands and their closest competitors do it and stay relevant.

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