February 4, 2023
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Initiating a conversation with others can be fun for many but it can be a huge task for many others. There are certain people who find it very difficult to initiate a conversation with someone because they are not familiar with such situations. Do you experience anxiety while thinking of the idea of an interview?

Do you stress your nerves while thinking of certain situations where you will be asked certain questions and you will be supposed to reply to them? It is found that many people; whether students or job seekers, find it very difficult to appear for an interview. They often claim the interview to be one of the most stressful things that they could come across in their life.

No doubt, pre-interview anxiety is quite normal to experience; after all, it is a big day for you and everything depends upon that interview that you are supposed to have.

An interview is formal and structured. you cannot be babbling, fidgeting or nervous in such a situation because your interview is highly important for your achievements. If you feel nervous at the thought of going for an interview then here are a few tips that can act as an anxious person’s guide to cracking the interviews in their life.

Prepare yourself to deal with interview/exam/Social anxiety

Just as you would prepare yourself for an examination, you can prepare yourself for an interview too! make sure that you gather the knowledge of the concerned field. if you are a fresher than you can look for some sample interviews so that you can have a basic idea of what all is done in an interview. you can also create some answers beforehand and practice them so that you do not make any mistake

Distract yourself

While one idea is that of giving your entire attention to the interview, another one can be to distract yourself from the thoughts of the interview in order to avoid being tensed over the interview. When you start thinking a lot about something then it can also lead to stress and worry. You can cook a meal for yourself or buy cakes online and relish the taste of a flavoursome cake along with your friends. 

Practice with someone to deal with interview/exam/Social anxiety

If you want to excel in the interview then you can have a mock interview with someone before appearing for the actual interview. you can ask your friends or your elders to help you in this regard. they can make you practice some questions or concepts that can be asked in an interview so that you gain a certain familiarity with the concepts. 

Grab opportunities for public speaking 

No matter how many tips you read or seek from people. The fact is that only practice can help you overcome the anxiety that you would experience before an interview. Instead of staying in your shell you can start talking to people and grab more and more opportunities for public speaking so that initiating conversations with people does not seem to be difficult to you. When you master the art of public speaking, you will definitely not feel any interview anxiety. 

Think about the positive outcome

If you keep on thinking about the negative consequences that can take place after failing the interview then you will surely end up witnessing those negative consequences. the more you think negatively, the more likely you are to experience negative events. therefore you shall completely avoid them and only think in the positive direction. 

Motivate yourself to deal with interview/exam/Social anxiety

The best way to overcome your weaknesses is that of staying motivated. So instead of worrying about the interview, you can tell yourself. You will do it well and you will be able to clear the interview. Besides this, you can reward yourself with some gifts and same day cake delivery for celebrating your victory over your weaknesses. 

Do not try too hard

No doubt, you want to give it your all in the interview so that you can grab that job Or that scholarship. Keep in mind that you do not try too hard that you start looking desperate. Whatever you do, it shall come from within you and it shall not seem to be have force upon you. 

Interview anxiety can be very easy to deal with if you know your mechanism well. After all, you have done so much in life and you can surely get through this one. so you can try certain body language tricks. Once you get a hold of yourself, you will surely be able to sail through it.

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